Bahlool and a Book of Philosophy

Bahlool went to the Mosque one day. Since that day was Eid, there were a lot of people. Bahlool wanted to go sit in the upper room. He saw that there were a lot of shoes, and since his shoes were stolen once, he was scared that it might happen again. With this thought, he wrapped them up in his handkerchief and hid them in his clothes. When he got to the upper room, and had sat in a corner, a person sitting next to him saw a bulging, wrapped handkerchief under Bahlool's shoulder, so asked about it.

“I think that there is a valuable book under your shoulder. Can you tell me which book it is?”

Bahlool said, “It is a book of philosophy.”

“Which bookseller did you buy it from?”

“I bought it from a cobbler.”