Fazl bin Rabi' Builds a Mosque

Fazl bin Rabi' had a mosque constructed in Baghdad. It was decided to place a plaque on its door. The people asked Fazl what should be written on it. Bahlool also happened to be present. He asked Fazl, “Who did you make the mosque for?”

Fazl replied, “For Allah.”

Bahlool said, “If you made it for Allah, then don't inscribe your name on the plaque.”

Fazl angrily said, “Why shouldn't I have my name inscribed on the tablet? People have to know who the maker of the mosque is!”

“Then have it inscribed that the maker of this mosque is Bahlool.”

“I certainly will not have that written!”

“If you made this mosque for fame and self-show then you have lost your reward.”

Fazl became speechless at Bahlool's words. He said, “Whatever Bahlool says, have that inscribed.”

This time Bahlool said, “Have a verse from the Sacred Qur'an inscribed on the door of the mosque.”