A Short History of the Muhammadi Trust

It was March 1969 when I phoned The Director of the Islamic Center at Regents Park in London, the Raja of Mahmudabad for an appointment to discuss about setting up an organization for the sole purpose of furthering the education of Muslim youth.

I went to see Raja Saheb with my friend Sayyid Asghar Haider Kazmi. Unfortunately Raja Saheb was unable to see me that evening because of Shaikh Mujibur Rahman’s arrival in London who was with the Raja at that time. I went there the next evening and put before him a constitution by the name of Ahlebayt Academy.

Raja Saheb red the paper and commented that if the name is changed to Muhammadi Trust it would appeal to a wider audience. We agreed and in this way Muhammadi Trust came into being. Although the name changed the object of the association remained the same, which is the education of the Muslim youth on the lines the Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet wanted us to learn.

The First Trustees were as follows: H.E. The Raja of Mahmudabad Sayyid Sadiq Husayn Shah Kazmi Dr.Sayyid Sikander Raza, Mirza Baqar Khorasanee Abbas Jethabhai Gokal Hasan Pirbhai Sayyid Muhammad Raza Shabbar (The writer of the present book)

After the resignation of Hasan Pirbhai due to business commitments, Mr. Qasim Husayn who had arrived in London after taking retirement from the Pakistan Air force as Wing Commander, was appointed as Trustee and also its secretary. The Work of the Trust began in earnest.

S.M.R. Shabbar

Muhammadi Trust, London, March 1997