3- The Battle of Badr

The two sons of Rabee’ah; Shaybah and Utbah, and Waleed Utbah’s son were three courageous warriors of the tribe of Quraysh. They looked for equal opponents during the battle of Badr, but nobody was able or courageous enough to fight with them. At that time, the Prophet (S) sent me to them. I was the youngest among all the warriors in the Muslim army. By the assistance of Allah, I could kill Waleed and Shaybah, and I could capture many other unbelievers.

I faced many hardships during that battle and nobody in our troop faced the same hardships. Allah bestowed His Mercy on my cousin Ubaydah ibn Harith who fought alongside me. Is it not true?"

Everyone replied, “Oh yes! You are truly the Commander of the Believers!”

The Jewish man accepted the third sign in his heart and mind.