6- The Battle of Khaybar

I remember the day I was with the Messenger of Allah (S) when we entered the place where your brothers in religion (the Jews) lived. I mean the fortress of Khaybar. There were some Jews and warriors were all gathered there together. They had prepared a massive cavalry squadron. In their invincible fortress, they were ready for war.

During a fight, they came and invited us in. Every man from our troops, who went to fight, was killed there and then. After that, Muslims were incited to begin general fight. Everyone thought how to save himself. Some people looked at me saying, “O Abul Hassan, will you go on and save us?”

The Messenger of Allah (S) once again sent me towards the enemies. I killed everyone that fought me. Like an angry lion, I attacked the troops of the enemy, and defeated everyone obstructing my way.

The Jewish men felt the smell of defeat in the air, and escaped into their fortress. They closed the great gates behind them, but it was I, who plucked out the great gate of Khaybar and threw it far away! I began walking in the fortress by myself. I fought and killed every fighter standing against me. I defeated them all, but with Allah’s assistance. Is it not true?”

The all said, “Yes, it is true. You are truly the lord of the Muslims!”

The Jewish man had lost the color of his face. He was still gazing at the store ground in front of him. He was embarrassed for the bad deeds of his fellows in religion, but he was also aware of the sufferings of Ali (a.s.) in that war. Inside him, he praised Imam Ali (a.s.) more and more.