Outstanding work on the difficult situation that faced Imam al-Hasan (a) during his Imamate, and the events and political attitudes that led to peacemaking, as well as the unfair accusations made against him.

Important notice: 
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful The Ahlul Bayt DILP team wishes to inform the readers of some important points regarding this digitized text, which represents the English translation of an arabic book that deals with an important topic. Although no one can doubt the best intentions of the translator and the publishers in making this title accessible to the English speaking world, the editing and digitization process of this book has revealed the following points: - the quality of the translation is lacking in many respects. The DILP team has taken the liberty of making some grammatical corrections to make the text more readable and less ambiguous. In many places the meaning of the sentences was so unclear that it was not possible for them to be improved. - Various spelling mistakes and typos have been corrected. - An attempt has been made to improve the highly non-standard use of transliteration of arabic names and terms. - Very occasionally, comments in square brackets are inserted representing corrections of erroneous statements. It must be noted that this is not a complete overhaul of the translation, that being outside the scope and expertise of our team. Further, no comparison to the original arabic text has been made. Users who wish to see the translation as it was published must refer to the printed copies available in bookshops. Those who understand arabic are advised to refer directly to the original book in that language. In summary, this online text is not exactly as translated by its translator. It has undergone changes which we hope are improvements. However, they are not comprehensive and we realize that they are not the solution to the challenge of having good quality English translations. We hope that our decision to present this translation online, in its amended form, along with this notice would help achieve three objectives: One: allow a world audience to benefit from a scholarly and important book by a notable scholar Two: alert this world audience that this translation is deficient and our efforts at correction are but a humble contribution towards the goal of having access to quality Islamic literature in English. Three: highlight the fact that unless translations of important books are carried out professionally from the beginning, they have the potential to mislead and belittle the worth of the great original books and their authors that they aim to represent in translation.