Publisher's Preface

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This valuable book, Sulh al-Hasan, is, among the works of the great Shaykh Radi Al-Yasin. It is also among the important writings on the subject. So we may say that it is matchless. Worth mentioning, writing about such a subject, Sulh al-Hasan (peace be on him) is among the difficult matters. That is because the time of Imam al-Hasan, Peace be on him, is among the vaguest periods in the history of Islam.

In other words it is difficult to get the facts about the events as they had happened. Meanwhile they are in need of much studying and researching. Thank Allah. The great researcher Shaykh Radi Al-Yasin was granted success in making important researches and studies about this topic. Thus he has left behind this immortal work. It is an act of pride that we were granted permission to translate, to print and to distribute it.

That is because Muslims are in urgent need of it. In the meantime Muslim libraries are empty of it. After a period of effort and fatigue, we were able to publish the book before you to help the seeker of knowledge and truth to make use of it.

Noteworthy, Sayyid 'Ali Khamana'i, leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, had translated the book, Sulh al-Hasan, from Arabic into Persian before the revolution. The book was translated and printed in an excellent manner. So Persian speakers have made use of it.

We ask Allah, the Most High, to grant us success to render more services. Meanwhile we ask the gentle reader to show his/her suggestions about the book. Indeed success is from Allah.