Chapter 11: Degrees of Believers. Believers are of Various Degrees Distinguishing One from the Other With Regard to Their Limits

This chapter deals with the many different degrees of iman and each mu’min’s share thereof. Al-Miqdad, may Allah be pleased with him, occupies the eighth degree, while Abu Dharr [al-Ghifari], may Allah be pleased with him, occupies the ninth. Salman, may Allah be pleased with him, occupies the tenth, and so on.
In Al-Kafi, `Abdul-Aziz al-Qaratasi is cited as having said,
‘Abu Abdullah (‘a) said to me, ‘O `Abdul-Aziz! Iman falls into ten degrees: it is like a ladder, one step is ascended after the other. Nobody, therefore, who occupies the second should say to the one who occupies the first: ‘You do not have anything!= till he ascends to the tenth. So, do not look down upon one who is below you or else he who is above you may cause you to slip and fall. When you see someone occupying a degree less than yours, raise him kindly to you, and do not over-burden him so you may cause him to break, for anyone who causes a believer to break has to rejoin what he breaks. (Al-Kafi, Vol. 2, p. 37).
Surely Allah blesses Muhammad (‘s) and the Progeny of Muhammad (‘s), the righteous ones, the purified.
Destiny has hindered the completion of this work; so, I plead to Allah, the King, the all-Knowing, to grant us those who will complete this speech; surely none loses hope of His mercy except those who are mean.