Caliphs build Prophet's mosque

The sixth fabricated tradition is narrated by Hakim (in his al-Mustadrak) in a section on the excellences of Uthman. Based on the standards observed by Bukhari and Muslim, he considers it as authentic. The tradition is as follows:

Abu Ali Hafiz narrates from Abu Bakr Muhmmad bin Muhammad bin Sulayman from Abu Ubaidullah Ahmad bin Abd al-Rahman bin Wahab from his uncle from Yahya bin Ayyub from Hisham bin Urwa from his father from Aisha who quotes the Holy Prophet (S) as saying:

To build a mosque, the Holy Prophet (S) positioned the first stone followed by Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman who positioned the second, third and fourth stones respectively.

I said: O Messenger of Allah! Don't you see how these people help you?

The Holy Prophet (S) said: O Aisha! They are my caliphs and successors.

Commenting on this tradition, Hakim says that this tradition is authentic in accordance with the standards observed by Bukhari and Muslim, though they have not narrated it. The chain of this tradition is weak. It is reported from Muhammad bin Fadl bin 'Atiyya and that is why scholars have not paid attention to it.1

Evaluation of tradition

This tradition is forged and fabricated from the viewpoint of its chain as well as from the perspective of its text.

1. Chain of tradition

As for as its chain is concerned, we will suffice to evaluating Ahmad bin Abd al-Rahman bin Wahab Misri from the viewpoint of the scholars of tradition, ignoring thus the cases of other reporters this chain includes.

According to Ibn Udai all the dignitaries of Egypt regard him as weak in narrating tradition. From the viewpoint of Ibn Yunus one cannot appeal to his tradition to prove anything. According to Ibn Habban he tended to narrateunknown traditions towards the end of his life.2 It is worth mentioning that Ahmad bin Abd al-Rahman Misri narrated the said tradition from his uncle!

2. Text of tradition

To evaluate its text, we will suffice to what Dahabi has said. After quoting Hakim's word, Dahabi says: According to me, Ahmad bin Abd al-Rahman has narrated unknown tradition and is among those due to reporting from whom Muslim is criticized. Yahya, though being reliable, has criticized him. Moreover, if this tradition is authentic it will be a clear proof for the caliphate of Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman. This tradition is not however an authentic one. This is because at that time, Aisha had not yet married the Holy Prophet (S). She was still a child living in her father's house. Her presence in the chain of this tradition is thus clear evidence that this tradition is false. Quoting Hakim, Dahabi says that this tradition is known to have been reported from Muhammad bin Fadl bin 'Atiyya and that is why scholars do not pay attention to it. Commenting on Hakim's word, Dahabi says that on his view Ibn 'Atiyya is a person who is rejected.3

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