The Grave Of The Mother Of The Holy Prophet (S) At Abwaa And The Visitation Of The Prophet (S) To Her Grave

We find the account of Abwaa in Mojamul Buldan: Al Abwaa is a village between Madinah and Juhfa. It is about 23 miles from Madinah.

The grave of Amina binte Wahab, the mother of the Prophet (s.a.) is at Abwaa. She happened to be buried here because Abdullah the father of the Messenger of Allah (S) had come to Madinah and passed away there.

His wife Amina binte Wahab used to visit his grave every year. When the Messenger of Allah (S) was six years old, she had come to visit the grave accompanied with Abdul Muttalib and Umme Aiman, the wet nurse of the Messenger of Allah (S). When they reached Abwaa on way to Makkah Amina (s.a.) passed away.1

In Tarikh of Ibne Asakir, it is recorded:

Amina binte Wahab was the mother of our Master the Messenger of Allah (S). She brought the Holy Prophet (S) to her brothers who were of Banu Najjar. Then she started towards her journey to Makkah. She died at Abwaa between Makkah and Madinah and the Holy Prophet (S) was 6 years old at that time.2

A detailed report has come in Tabaqat Ibne Saad, and a part of it is as follows:

When the Holy Prophet (S) was passing Abwaa on way to Hudaibiya, he stopped at the grave of his mother. He arranged it and then he wept. Seeing him weep, the other Muslims also wept. This incident of the weeping of Holy Prophet (S) on the grave of his mother, and the weeping of his companions is mentioned in all books of hadith.3

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