Members Of The Prophet’s Household (Ahlul Bayt) And His Companions Visited His Grave

(a) The first to visit his grave was his daughter Fatima (s.a.). Ibne Jawzi through his chain of narrators has related from Ali (a.s) that he said: “When the Messenger of Allah (S) was buried, Fatima (s.a.) came and stood near his grave. She picked up a handful of dust and put it to her eyes. She wailed and recited the following lines:

‘What will happen to the one who smells the dust of the tomb of Ahmad?

Kanzul Ummal 20:161.

Kanzul Ummal 20:161.

Mukhtasar Tarikhe Damishq 2:406.

Al Mataalibul Aahya of Ibne Hajr Pg.1254. Durre Manthur 1:237.

Al Mojamul Kabeer of Tibrani 12:417.

He will never, ever, smell a greater calamity. Such calamities have befallen me that if they had fallen on days, they would have turned into night’.”1

Another tradition with a slight variation has also been mentioned.

(b) When Abu Ayyub Ansari, the Companion of Prophet (s.a.) visited his grave, he rested his face on the grave, as will be mentioned in the following tradition:

In Majmauz Zawaaed from Abi Dawood bin abi Saleh: he said, “One day Marwan came and saw that a man had kept his face on the grave. He said, ‘Do you know what he is doing?’ When the man raised his head, he saw that it was Abu Ayyub Ansari. He said, ‘Yes I have come to the Messenger of Allah and not to a stone.’2

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