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According to Hadeeths narrated from Ahlul Bayt (AS), Kursi of Allah is His Knowledge about Skies and earths and creatures which has got an outer existence, while Arsh is His Full Knowledge about everything, which is more inclusive than Kursi. There are degrees of Knowledge, in which Arsh is deeper, wider and more inclusive than Kursi, that is why we read in the Hadeeth that The Kursi is within The Arsh. In the Hadeeth from Imam Ja'far Al-Sadiq (AS): Everything created by Allah is in the Kursi except His Arsh because it is greater than be included in The Kursi.

Hadeeth of Hanan ibn Sadeer from Imam Al-Sadiq (AS) when he was asked about Arsh and Kursi, he replied: Both of them are great gates of the Unseen. Kursi is the outer gate of the Unseen and Arsh is the inner gate of the Unseen.

Kursi is limited to the skies, earth and what is between them while Arsh is unlimited.

In some narrations we read that The Kursi is the knowledge which Allah granted to His Prophets and messengers, while  The Arsh is The Knowledge  which no one knows but Allah.


Sincere believer who always obeys Allah, the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt is mentioned in a Hadeeth narrated from Imam Al-Baqir (AS): The angles are the servants of the believers. (Al-Kaafi 2:33).

The main question is who is the real believer who has this degree? Is it enough to think or claim to be a believer? Or it needs real practical evidence?

You can share with angles some of their deeds which are mentioned in Quran like:

1. Reciting Salawaat (ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALA MUHAMMAD WA AALI MUHAMMAD) as we read in Quran (33:56) :Verily, Allah and His angles recite Salawaat on the Prophet. When you repeat reciting the Salawaat, you will sharing this noble deed with the angles.

2. Seeking forgiveness for the other believers, as we read in Quran (Sura 42, verse 5): and the angles glorify the praises of their Lord and seek forgiveness for those on the earth.

3. Glorifying and praising Allah (Sura 39 : verse 75).

4. Prostration to Allah (Sojood). (Sura 38, verse 73).

5. Avoiding sin. (Sura 16, verse 50.

6. Being humble (Sura 16, verse 49).

7. Cursing the enemies of Allah. ( Sura 3, verse 87).


No believer lives with out been tested. Allah says in Quran : Did people think that they will be left with out tests? (Sura 29: 2).

Even being in easy life is a test by itself whether we thank Allah and appreciate His bounties or not.

When you feel that you have no difficulties, you need to thank Allah and seek from Him to protect you from unexpected hardships.


Bismihi ta'ala

I would suggest you read this hadith from Imam Ali (a.s.):


Almighty God gave Angels intellect without desires, He gave animals desires without intellect, and He gave both (intellect and desire) to Humans. So a person whose intellect prevails over their desires becomes better than the Angels, whilst one whose desires prevails over his intellect is worse than the animals.