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Allah, The Glorious is everywhere and He sees everything every moment as we believe and read in Quran (He is with you where you may be) Sura 57, Verse 4.

'The Prophet Muhammad and his successors are granted knowledge by Allah as and when Allah wants. Their knowledge is gifted to them by Allah. Allah's knowledge is His own and never given to Him.

Infallible Imams are the most humble servants of Allah after the Prophet (SAWA).


1. Your opinion needs to be revised to be compatible with Quran and authentic Hadeeth.
2. Allah, The Glorious, Has created the whole universe in the most comprehensive and most accurate system and ordered us to follow the system to live peacefully and successfully.

3. Allah said in Qur'an: Every good deed will result in good and every bad deed will result in bad.

4. Allah does not need to do things himself but Has angles to implement and the whole creatures to follow His orders and system.
5. We always seek from Allah to forgive our sins and deal with us by His Mercy, not by His Justice. Our bad deeds can lead us to disastrous result if we are been dealt with by the Justice of Allah, that is why we always seek and beg to Allah, The Most Merciful, Most Gracious, to deal with us by His Great Mercy.



Thank you for your question. Wajib al-wujud or the Necessary Existent is that existent which does not depend on any other existent for its existence. The Absolute Existent is that existent that has no limitation what so ever. These attributes and others are discussed in transcendental philosophy and mysticism. 

May you always be successful 


May Allah bless you and your family

Lying – that is, not speaking the truth – is an evil trait. If God were to lie, then God would be a liar; that would mean that God committed an evil act. But God cannot commit an evil act because evil arises from ignorance or a need to deceive; in other words, evil arises from a need. Since God knows all things and has no need of anything, God does not commit evil. Thus, God does not lie and He is Truthful (al-Ṣādiq).

Regarding books. You may refer to Shaykh Jaʿfar Subhani’s Doctrines of Shiʿi Islam: A Compendium of Imami Beliefs and Practices (translated by Reza Shah-Kazemi), al-ʿAllāmah al-Hillī’s al-Bāb al-Hādī ʿAshar: A Treatise on the Principles of Shīʿite Theology (translated by William McElwee Miller), Shaykh Miṣbāh Yazdī’s Theological Instructions.