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Never cause your father or mother any disturbance or inconvenience, no matter how much worldly benefits you expect to get. Any inconvenience to any of your parents will lead you to disastrous consequences.


If all who are entitled in the inheritance agree to leave their shares in the house and keep the house for the common use of the family, then it is for them to do that. If any one from them objects in that, others must give him his share from the house.


Bismihi ta'ala

Yes, Islamically there would be no problem for her to wear such clothes, as long as there is no cultural issue that sees this to be inapproproiate.

It might be the case that from a shar'i perspective something is permissible, but within the context of a culture, it is seen in a different way, and therefore one should also take that into consideration. 

And Allah knows best

Such statement can be because of anger and he might repent later. He should be asked again when his daughter is about to get married. If he says then that he is not concerned, then his father ( her paternal grand father) should be asked. If he is not alive or not available, then she can decide her marriage by herself.