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After removing the blood, one time washing with tap or Kurr water is enough and two times with Qaleel water.


In the name of Allah

The answer is Yes.

When You breastfeed someone else's child (with all the conditions that will be mentioned below) That child is basically like a child of Your own. So he/she will be Mahram to:

  • You (Breastfeeding mother), your parents, your grandparents and so on, your siblings, your aunts and uncles.
  • Your husband (Breastfeeding Father), his parents, his grandparents and so on, his siblings, his aunts and uncles.
  • Your Children (current and future), your grandchildren and so on.

But what are the conditions for breastfeeding to result in Mharamiyyat?

1. The child should suck the milk from the breast. So if the milk is poured into the child's mouth, it doesn't count.

2. The child should be under two years of age.

3. The milk should be the result of a Halal relationship.

4. The Child should not throw up the milk. If so, it doesn't count.

5. The quantity or duration of breastfeeding should be either of these:

  • Enough so that his/her body would grow due to that milk.
    (Grow: muscles/meat are created or bones will be strengthened)
  • 15 times in a row. (without any other food or milk from another woman)
  • 24 hours straight. (without any other food or milk from another woman)



Asalamu Alaykom, 

No that doesn’t invalidate the fast. Please check your Islamic laws book to see the chapter of those specific things which break one’s fast 

May Allah grant you sucess


Asalamu Alaykom, 

It is makruh to do things which would make one weak while fasting such as giving blood. It still would be permissible to do. 

May Allah grant you success