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Yes it is allowed.

Lady Fatima (SA) is the greatest lady and the best lady in the Paradise and seeking her intersession is a very good way to get our wished fulfilled.


There are many books written on this important subject but not all of them are translated to English. There is a book available on line which was published by Amazon:  THE TRAGEDY OF FATIMA DAUGHTER OF THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD, by Allama Sayyid Murtada Al-Amili, translated by Yasin Al-Jibouri.

Also it might be useful for you to see this link


It is important to remember that people have always had choices. That is the reason why we hold those accountable who committed misdeeds, because they chose to do so. They were not born to play the part of villains.

It is not as if God had determined that Fadak must be usurped and that someone must be created who will do so.

It is also not the case that God had determined that a wife of the Prophet (s) must fight Imam 'Ali (a) and so she was put out there in the world of creation to fulfil that role.

Think of it this way. It was entirely possible for the first caliph and his daughter not to commit the misdeeds that they did. So why ought they have been punished before they could even be tested with that choice?

Did not Abu Bakr have another child, and Ayesha a brother, who was the most devoted Shi'a of Imam 'Ali (a) and fought against his own sister in defence of Imam 'Ali?

He was not predestined to be the good person in a pre-planned drama, like some kind of an angelic robot. He also made choices in his life. And so we remember him with affection and praise.

I believe that the nature of knowledge given by God to the Prophet (s) and the Imams (a) must be understood with the above in mind.

Allah, The Glorious, tests the followers of the prophets to distinguish between the sincere from the insincere. Allah(SWT) made the Prophet Noah (AS) marry a woman who turned to be disobedient then from the people of hellfire, same was the wife of Prophet Lut (AS). Allah (SWT) aims to examine the faith of people who claim being followers of the Prophet (SAWA) as we read in Quran:

1. (Allah will not leave the believers in the state in which you are now until He distinguish the bad from the good). Sura Aal Imran, verse 179.

2. (In order that Allah may distinguish the bad persons from the good persons ) Sura Al-Anfaal, verse 37.

Having a disobedient wife among good wives and insincere companion among sincere companions makes the bad persons follow the bad, while sincere persons keep on following the Prophet (SAWA) and his successors.