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Tafseer Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.)

This work is a contentious one as some of our major scholars do not recognize this as being a direct work of the 11th Imam and that it has only been attributed to them – due to this, some are careful of what they quote from this. With this in mind, it may be good to find such statements and include them to the introduction of this work when we host it to let the readers know that there is a possibility that this is not a work which can entirely be attributed to the 11th Imam.

Tafsir Imam Hassan Askari has been reported to have been transmitted from the 11th Holy Imam – Imam Askari. In addition to the Quranic commentary, it also includes the virtues and praise of Muhammad (S) and the progeny of Muhammad as well as other Islamic manners and morals.

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Tafseer Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) Translation: Syed Athar Husain S. H. Rizvi تفسير الإمام الحسن العسكري مع الترجمة الانجليزية Author: Imam Hasan bin Ali Askari (a.s.) Translator: Athar Husain S.H. Rizvi Publisher: Ansariyan Publications First Edation: 2009 - 1430 - 1388 Ufuq Press Quantity: 2000 No. of pages: 616 P. Size: 162 x 229 mm ISBN: 978-964-219-061-4
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