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Yes, it is mentioned in many Hadeeths that sleeping between ASR and Maghrib is Makrouh (disliked) and cause many harms on health and well-being. It can cause mental problems and unhappiness. Hadeeth says: Who sleeps between ASR and Maghrib should not blame but himself when he finds disturbance in his mind. In Makarim al-Akhlaq page 333: Sleeping after ASR causes mental harm.

Nap during the day is good and called Qayloola قيلولة which is after Dhuhr till before Asr.


Yes it is Makrouh (Disliked) to sleep between Fajr and sunrise. Many authentic Hadeeths stated that it is recommended to be busy in that time ( between Fajr and sunrise) in prayers, Du'a, remembering Allah, reciting Quran and any useful deeds but not sleeping unless you are unwell or have another valid reason to sleep then. The benefits of being busy in that time in worship are too many including good health and more sustenance. Sleeping during that time might cause a diverse results on health and sustenance according to the Hadeeth. ( Manla Yahdharuhul Faqeeh, number 1439 and 1440)



Asalamu Alaykom, 

Makruh actions will not cause one to have a sin, but it is possible that one could gain more reward by avoiding them. They are actions which are better to be avoided and disliked. 

Furthermore although one will not get a sin for doing a makruh action, there could still be a negative impact for one spiritually. So by avoiding them it could build up one spiritually and strengthen their soul.

May Allah grant you success 

Bismihi ta'ala

You will be able to find the view here.

The emphasis is that the kafan be of one piece of cloth, and if needed to be sewn, then its own strings should be used. Furthermore, A.U. Seyid Sistani does not completely agree that it is makruh. Please see link.

And Allah knows best.