Ask A Question About Islam And Muslims

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It is obligatory on Muslim male to recite Sura Al-Hamd and another Sura in clear voice in Fajr, Maghrib and Isha Prayers. Clear voice does not making others hear you, but it means that you voice is clear even if it is low but can be heard by those who are just near you.


Fasting in Islam has got a clear procedure in Quran and authentic Hadeeth. We need to follow it and not create or follow another fasting.

You need to consult you doctors whether have just one meal in 24 hours is not harmful for your health.

It is allowed to have one mail meal if you are not fasting but don't harm your health or cause dehydration.

I advise you to fast, so that you will get the spiritual and health benefits as well as reward of fasting.


Bismihi ta'ala

As you know, for us Muslims, prayer takes priority over absolutely everything. We plan our lives and our daily routine around prayer. We select our form of lifestyle and work based on how we can excel in our faith and get closer to God. 

Prayer, which is the most effective way to do this, must of course be done in its perfect form, and within its allocated time. 

Anything that becomes an obstacle for that, we must eliminate, even if it means loss of money or changing of work opportunity. 

In any job description, you are able to see if you can meet their requirements and also your religious requirements. If they do not give you any breaks, even toilet breaks, then in today's world that would be illegal and inhumane. 

I am sure you are able to find a few minutes, during your break, to perform your prayers, quickly, and get back to work. 

If under no circumstance are you able to take a break, or pray within the shar'i timeframe of the salat, then have trust in Allah ta'ala, who is the Razzaq, and pursue other work opportunities that would suit your Islamic values and human rights as well. 

With prayers for your success. 

If you are sure that you prayed five Rak'ats, then you must repeat the Prayer, but if you have doubt, after you have completed the prayer, then this doubt has no value and your prayer is valid.