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5 Questions

1. Recite Estighfaar for her e.g. Ya Allah, forgive her. Keep on seeking forgiveness for her as many times as you can.

2. Give Sadaqa and charity on her behalf.

3. Recite Quran and Du'a and Ziyarat on her behalf.


Patience in front of injustice is always very good. Every patient will get the reward of it depending on his intention and amount if his suffering. Allah says in Quran : Verily, the patient person get their reward with out counting. (Sura 39, Verse 10).


Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) will remove injustice and tyranny from the whole world. His time of re appearance will be filled with injustice and tyranny. That does not means by any mean that we have to add on injustice and wrong to hasten his re appearance, but on the contrary, we remain as sincere followers of Ahlul Bayt (AS) responsible to do and spread good deeds which is the aim of our Infallible Imams and all the prophets (AS).

The bad deeds are from bad people as Allah (SWT) says in Quran: Evil deeds has appeared on land and sea because of what people have committed. Al-Room: Verse 41.

We should always prevent and counter evil deeds by doing and spreading good deeds but our efforts will never be enough, and the injustice and tyranny will go on till the re appearance of The Divine Leader from Allah who will remove away the evil and establish the pan state of Good and Justice.

There is no dichotomy at all.



Thank you for your question. The Imam (af) cannot act to his full effectiveness without the support of the Ummah itself and so it is the Ummah that has chosen this situation for itself. In the same way, the Imams could not prevent the cruelty of the Ummayid and Abbasid dynasties or the injustice of some of the prior leaders as these are the leaders that the Ummah had chosen for themselves in rejecting the leadership of the Imams (as). The injustice in this time is a natural consequence of the physical absence of the Imam (af).

May you always be successful.