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Thank you for your question. Jurisprudence according to the school of Ahl al-Bayt is sometimes referred to as Ja'fari fiqh due to its basis primarily in the copious traditions narrated from Imams al-Baqir and al-Sadiq. While Imam al-Sadiq (as) did not write any books, he expounded jurisprudence in many reports that are narrated from him in mos matters of jurisprudence.

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It is Mustahab (recommended) to wipe on the tummy of the dead body twice, one with first Ghusl with Sidr and second with the second Ghusl with Kafour except the dead woman if she was pregnant then it becomes Makrouh (disliked) to wipe on her tummy during Ghusl.


Ahlul Bayt (AS) taught their sincere students and encouraged them to write in may important subjects including Fiqh. Ali Ibn Ja'far wrote a book in this subject and many other students of Ahlul Bayt (AS) wrote Fiqh books.


The chain of transmitters from Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (AS) are mentioned
in books of E'lm Al-Rijaal like Rijaal Al-Kishshi and many similar books of
narrators like :
1. Wasael Al-Shia by Al-Hurr Al-Amili
2. Kitab Al-Najaashi
3. Rijal Al-Toosi
4. Al-Fihrist by Al-Toosi
5. Fihrist Muntajab al-Deen al Qummi
6. Ma'alim al-Ulama by Ibn Shahr Aashoob
7. Al-Tahreer al-Taawoosi
8. Rijal Ibn Abi Dawood
9. Jami' Al-Ruwaat by Al-Ardabili
10. Tanqeeh Al-Maqal by Al-Mamaqaani
11. Rijal Al-Kalbasi by abi Al-Huda Al-Kalbasi
12. Thiqaat Ar-Rijal by Hibat Al-Deen Al-Shahrastani
13. Mo'jam Rijal Al-Hadeeth by Al-Sayyed Al-Khoei
14. Khaatimat Kitab Wasael Al-Shia by Al-Hurr Al-Amili
15. Al-Mausoo'ah Al-Rijaaliyah Al-Muyassarah by Sheikh Al-Turabi and
Sheikh Al-Rahaee