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Thank you for your question. One of the conditions for a prayer leader according to the School of Ahl al-Bayt (as) is that they are baligh. If they are not baligh, that prayer cannot be lead by them and so if someone participated in that prayer they will need to repeat it.

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The ways of worshipping Allah The Glorious are different in different faiths like Judaism , Christianity and Islam. We take the way of Islam because it is the most authentic being practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) who can not be compared with narrators of other faiths. Likewise, the prophetic Prayer (Salah) narrated by Ahlul Bayt (AS) who lived with him and knew the most about his practice is the most authentic. Non Shia ways of Salah are been narrated from different narrators who did not live with the Prophet, even some of them did not meet him at all, as well as the non Shia way Salah are contradicting each other that is why you find the ways of Salah in Sunni sects and subjects  are different. Even timings of Assr and Isha Salah is different according to Hanafi sect and Shafi'ee sect. The way folding arms during Salah despite being never done by the Prophet, but it is been done by Sunni different sects and subjects in different ways. With all the differences among Sunni groups which you can read about them in Sunni books like Bidayat al-Mujtahid and Al-Fiqh ala al-Mathaahib al-Arba'ah,Bhowanipore can you trust that their ways are authentically narrated from the Prophet?

Shia way of Salah is narrated from Ahlul Bayt, The most pious who lived with Prophet and saw him always praying


If you are sure that the Masjid will remain under the management of reasonable persons and will not be influenced by extreme Wahabi groups, then you can help them.

It is better to help poor Mo'mineen in poor areas or poor countries where they don't have a Masjid.



Asalamu Alaykom, 

Such marriage is allowed but could become haram by secondary ruling if it leads to misguidance. For example, if a Shia woman would marry a Sunni man and she isn't strong in her faith, then it is possible she may deviate and such a marriage could be problematic. One must also make sure the one they marry is not hostile towards the Shia.

Furthermore one must think about the future of their kids, I have witnessed that in most cases when a shia woman has married a non-shia man, the kids end up becoming confused or lean more towards the father's beliefs. 

Please bear in mind just because something is allowed, in no way does this indicate that it is recommend. Therefore I advise anyone to marry a shia believer or someone who they can influence to follow the path of Ahlul bayt (peace be upon them).

May Allah swt grant you sucess