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The Hadeeth says: Eyes will not be dry but because of hard hearts, and hearts will not be hard but because of sinful acts.

We always need to seek forgiveness and remember and repent our sins and beg for forgiveness.

It is mentioned in the Hadeeths to put you hand on the head of an orphan so that your heart will be more soft and sympathetic.

It is also very good to visit the grave yard especially the graves of your parents or relatives or friends. Seeking your needs in a Du'a near your parents is very useful.


Yes. We have authentic Hadeeths that weeping for tragedies of Ahlul Bayt (AS). Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (AS) said: Any believer who weeps on our sufferings from our enemies till his tears flow on his cheek, Allah will grant him a place in Paradise. Kaamil al-Ziyarat by Ibn Qawlawayh , page 100.



Thank you for your question. As people of faith, we connect to our sacred history and the personalities that represent the values of our religion. Thus, while events may have happened a long time ago, the personalities that these events happened to are important to us, so naturally, when recounting the tragedies that befell them, we cannot help but be brought to tears. Such acts of devotion have a positive effect on the soul and this has been indicated in the copious praise for crying over these events in our scriptural sources. Simply put, we cry because it matters to us and we recount the events so that we remember and develop those feelings and are revitalized by the strengthening of our bond with those we love.

May you always be successful

Human beings have their own ways to express their feelings of grief and sadness as well to express their feelings of happiness. Islam allows different ways of expression of feelings as far as it does not contradict a clear ruling of Islam. No one can express his happiness by dancing, simply because dancing is forbidden in Islam. No one can express his sadness by drinking beer or alcohol, simply because drinking alcohol or beer is forbidden in Islam.

People whom you mentioned in your question are expressing their feelings of grief by their own way which does not contradict with any Islamic clear rule, and does not have bad effect on the image of Islam.

Allah (SWT) grants people the reward according to their intentions. These people are observing and remembering the tragedy of Karbala. May Allah (SWT) grant them reward according to their intentions.