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Writing Hadeeth was officially banned during the governments of Abu Bakr and Umar and Uthman and Bani Omayyah till the time of Umar ibn Abdul Zeez which was on years 99 till 102 after Hijra when he allowed writing Hadeeths and ordered one of Shaikhs working for the Umayyad government ( Ibn Shihab al-Zohri) to write Hadeeths which are accepted by the government that time.

Mussannaf Abdul Razzaq, Mawatta' Malik, al-Imamah wal-Siyasah are among the early books.


Allah (SWT) knows the intentions in the hearts. We can not take political propaganda as the real intention. Those rulers who opposed the Holy Progeny of the Prophet (SAWA) can not be trusted as their behaviour against the orders of the Prophet speak about them. If they were after spreading Islam not expanding their rule, they should have practiced Islam in their own life.


Abu Muslim al Khurasani (born around 100 Hijri and killed around 138 or 129 Hijri). was a famous army leader and politician who played big role in the establishment of the Abbaside Government. He was calling Muslim masses to leave Bani Ummaya and give allegiance to Bani Al Abbas. 
Abu Muslim al Khurasani was serving Bani Al Abbas in every Possible way. He offered Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (a.s.) to be the head of the state. But Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (a.s.) who knew the political nature of the offer, rejected the offer.  The famous reply from Imam to the letter which Abu Muslim al Khurasani sent to the Imam stated that : You are not from my people and the time is not my time. 
Abu Muslim al Khurasani made the first King, Caliph, of Bani Abbas  who was Abul Abbas Al Saffaah. But he was killed by the Abbasi Government itself which he served because of the brother of Al Saffaah ( Abu Ja;far al Mansur) became unhappy with him and killed him.
It is clear for us that Abu  Muslim al Khurasani was not from the Shia of Ahlulbayt (a.s.) because Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (a.s.) replied him “La Antaman Rejali Walal Zamanu Zamani”  You are not from my people and the time is not my time.(Al-Milal WAL-Nihal by  Shahrestani).1:142.
Many of the followers of Bani Ummaya accused Abu Muslim al Khurasani with very bad things.  Because of their feelings towards Bani Ummaya and against Bani Al-Abbas. For us both rulers from Bani Ummaya and Bani Abbas did very wrong and also Abu Muslim al Khurasani for us  was just a man who supported the politics of Abbaside Government and he was not from the Shias of Ahlulbayt (a.s.)

Absolutely not.

Perhaps you are familiar with the narration attributed to the Prophet (S):

Al-Qummi indicates on page 432, Vol. 2, of his Tafsir, that the Messenger of Allah (S) once saw in a vision monkeys climbing over his pulpit, and he felt very distressed; thereupon, the chapter of Qadr was revealed to remove his distress. The period of Banu Umayyad's government lasted roughly a thousand months: from 661 to 750 A.D., with the first ruler being Abu Sufyan and the last Mu’awiyah al-Himar.

Both al-Kulayni in his Al-Kafi and al-Majlisi in his Bihar al-Anwar quote Ahmed ibn Muhammad quoting Ali ibn al-Hassan quoting Muhammad ibn al-Walid and Muhammad ibn Ahmed quoting Yunus ibn Ya’qub quoting Ali ibn ‘Eisa al-Qammat quoting his uncle quoting Imam Abu Abdullah al-Sadiq (as) saying, "The Messenger of Allah (S) was shown in a vision how Banu Umayyah climbed over his pulpit (like monkeys climb over trees), so he felt very unhappy, whereupon Gabriel (as) descended upon him and asked him why he was so forlorn.

He (S) said, ‘I have seen (in a vision) tonight Banu Umayya ascending my pulpit after having misled people from the Straight Path.' Gabriel (as) said, ‘I swear by the One Who has sent me (as a messenger) with the truth, this is something with which I am not familiar.' Having said so, he ascended to the heavens. After a short while, he brought him one verse to remove thereby his grief; it said: ‘Have you considered if We would let them enjoy themselves for (a few) years, then that with which they are threatened comes to them, so much so that whatever they were permitted to enjoy shall not avail them (in the least)?' (Holy Qur'an, Surah Shu’ara 26:205-207).