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According to majority of our Shia Ulama, the most learned Mujahid and Marja' of Taqleed is Ayatullah Sistani. There are many other big Mujtahids but he is been accepted by majority of Ahl Al-Khubra (Experts scholars) in the Hawza as the most learned Mujtahid.


The most learned Mujahid among Shia Ulama can be known through valid witnesses of at least two of the high caliber Ulama in the Hawza who are called Ahl al-Khibra or Khubra أهل الخبرة.

It is not for any one else out of the high caliber Ulama to give witness in this matter. 
Hawza Ulama usually guide people when the need arises.

There are few high learned Mujtahids but you need two high caliber Ulama to give you their wtnisses.


Bismihi ta'ala

I have addressed this question in a series of presentations that might be useful to you, in shaa Allah. 

You need to follow the witness of two of more of Ahlul Khubra أهل الخبرة 

Ahlul Khubra are the high standard of Ulama in the Hawza who know the level of knowledge of the Mujtahids and define who is the most knowledgeable among them.