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It means that people should not publicly claim to be in contact with Imam Mahdi (A) and use that as a grounds for their authority over people. It should also not be used as a justification for telling people what to do (for instance, telling people to change the shari'ah, or to give them money, or to follow a certain military leader, or to do anything else, because they say that this is what Imam Mahdi told them).

It is possible to meet Imam Mahdi (A) during the occultation and gain guidance or assistance, but this is a private matter, and it is between the individual and Allah whether or not that person truly met Imam Mahdi (A) or not.

The fact of the Twelve Imams after the Prophet of Islam is an order from Allah (SWT). No one has right to say or suggest on any matter which has been decreed by Allah (SWT). Allah Knows every thing including all the future, so, there is no point in putting such questions from us. Allah Knows everything and He is The Absolute Wise, All Knowung, Most Merciful.


We have many narrations that Sahm Imam which is half of the Khums must be given the Marje' of Taqleed being a deputy of the Imam during the occultation of imam Al-Mahdi (AS). You can read many of theses narrations in Wasa'il al-Shia by Al-Hurr Al-A'amily in the chapter of Khums.


The existence of the Infallible Imam is necessary, but it is not necessary for every one to meet him, especially when certain circumstances of danger require him to be away from eyes of the enemies. 

Prophets like Prophet Musa (AS) and Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and Imams like Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (AS) other Imams during jail periods, were in occultation during times of crisis.That did not mean that they were not existing during such periods of occultation. They always had their own ways to guide people even during being away from the public life.

Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) is also in touch with the Ummah through sincere believers who are entitled to meet him and receive his guidance. Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) is in occultation but he is never absent. His guidance to the Ummah is the guarantee of saving Muslim Ummah from going astray.