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I am sorry to hear about this situation. This is certainly despicable behavior from him and a breach of trust. 

It is difficult to have a marriage without trust. However, it is your decision whether or not you wish to stay in the marriage.

None of us here can give you good advice on whether or not to stay in the marriage without knowing your situation (both personally and also in terms of practical matters). It is best if you can discuss this with people who you know in person whom you trust, such as family or people whose advice you respect. 

Wishing you the best either way, and sorry you have to go through this.

If your father gives you the pocket money as a gift for you with out any condition, you can then spend it as you wish in lawful expenditure or save it or invest it. No one will have then right on that money or ask you to return it. If your father gives you pocket money for spending and not for saving or investing, then he has right to ask you to use it for your expenses only and return the amounts which were not used in your expenses.

Most of parents give their children pocket money with out condition.


1. You and every human being have equal share in the message of Islam which was sent by Allah, The Creator to all His creatures.
2. Thank Allah Who granted you an open mind to accept the Truth, and guided you to His True message. Thanking Allah for His bounties on us keeps and brings more bounties.

3. Islam which is to believe in The Only God, Allah, and all His prophets and books, does not require you to disclose your faith in Islam when there is a possible harm on you or others from such disclosure. You can keep your faith in Islam between you and your Creator with out disclosing it to any one from whom you expect harm if they know about your faith in Islam.

4. You need to practice the obligatory prayers and fasting away from public. You can perform the obligatory prayers in the privacy of your home or your own room.

5. You need to acquire more knowledge about Islam by reading, visiting useful websites and asking knowledgeable persons.

6. Read about the life and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad and his Holly Progeny. Real Islam can never be found away from the Prophet and his Holy Progeny.

7. Try to get good friends who can help and support you in your noble aim to be and remain a sincere servant of Allah and His messengers and His Holy Progeny.

8. Try to gradually explain to those members of your family who consider and think without prejudice. That if you think that they might accept part of the truth, otherwise keep your faith a secret between you and Your Creator,brill situation changes.

9. Read Quran or the meanings of Quranic verses and try to enlighten your heart and  life by its light and guidance.

10. Always seek help, support and protection from Allah. Allah never lets down any one who hopes good and seeks from Him. The divine leader of our time is Imam al-Mahdi ( peace be upon him) is the way which we have to get our wishes fulfilled.