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Yes it is allowed for woman to take a bath at night, without any difference with man. It might be a cultural reason in some places behind this question.


To my knowledge, there are no hadith (addressed to either men or women) which discuss choosing between marriage and career (or marriage and studies), although there were both men and women with skilled professions among the sahabah (according to the professions of their society such as healing or craftsmanship). Perhaps it wasn't seen as something that one chooses between. That is, it was assumed that most people would marry and some people would also do other things. 

Although people have had professions and vocations for a long time, it seems that the modern idea of career began a hundred or two years ago, after the Industrial Revolution. 

Similarly, the idea that large numbers of people should invest a large portion of one's life in full-time studies in an institution, while doing little else, is also quite recent. So, the circumstances we have today are different from those in the time of the hadith.

Lowering the gaze has been emphasized upon in Quran very explicitly as we read the order of Allah to the Prophet (Tell the believing men to lower their gaze) Sura Al-Noor, verse 30. Same order was given for the believing women to lower their gaze (Sura Al-Noor, verse 31).

Those who remember Allah and obey His orders as obligatory order, Lowe their gaze and protect themselves from looking at sinful scenes.

We have many authentic Hadeeths in this regard which also emphasize on lowering the gaze and the punishment of those do not lower their gaze.


Women are not only allowed but also encouraged to seek knowledge with out any limitation. Women can reach to highest degrees of knowledge which is known as Ejtihad إجتهاد.We have in our Shia history many women reached to the high degree of Ejtihad. When the women becomes highly learned in Islamic sciences up to Ejtihad, she will not be dozing Taqleed for other Mujtahids but she as a Mujtahidah has to act upon her own verdicts.

The post of Marja' of Taqleed has big burden which is not for any woman to bear with her delicate nature as a female and her physical abilities and circumstances e.g. menstruation cycle, pregnancy, breast feeding etc.

Woman can reach to the highest degrees of Islamic knowledge with out making her facing challenges which are beyond her abilities and comfort.

Islam is not a male dominated religion, as Islam teaches that the human beings are created in male and female (Sura 49, Verse 13). Islam granted the woman since more than 1400 years full rights which were never given to her by any other religion or ideology. Europe till recently, treated with women as incomplete human beings and used to give her less than the salary of similar job man. Women were not allowed to study nor to do business or even own. 
Islam put pious women in the highest rank above millions of men. Lady Fatimah (AS) is the best human being after her father Muhammad (SAWA) and her husband Ali (AS).