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Muslim should not promote revealing clothes because it means encouraging sinful acts. If you have a reasonable possibility that such revealing clothes will be covered with other clothes, like Muslim females who wear Hijab over revealing cloth, then there is no problem in selling it, but if you know that such revealing clothes will be worn in public, then you should take not part in promoting sinful acts. Money earned from sinful acts is not Halal as well.


Bismihi ta'ala

It is highly recommended for both men and women to recite Adhan and Iqamah, especially if they are praying on their own, and not in jama'ah. 

Of course, the difference is that a female should recite in a low voice in the presence of a non-mahram. As for performing jama'ah prayers, of course a female can do loud Adhan and a female can lead jama'ah prayers if they are all women. 

And Allah knows best

Both looking at non Mahram woman with make-up  and mingling with her, are not allowed for Muslim man.

Muslim man should lower his gaze and avoid looking at non Mahram women especially when such looking moves his desire in any way.


There is no question of gender in-equality nor discrimination in Islam if people understand Islamic rules properly. Allah, The Creator Has Created both man and woman and granted both of them the honor (We have honored the children of Adam (Human beings)(Sura 17, Verse 70).

There are common things among both genders like equal human values and honor, equal rights to life , safety, dignity, ownership, education, etc. Yet, there are gender different functions and responsibilities on man and woman, These different functions initiated its own rules to organize life accordingly. Those different rules are less than 5% of the common rules for both genders.

Injustice on any human being being a man or woman is a sinful act.

Both man and woman will get reward for any good act and both will go to the same Paradise, while sinners men and women will face the result of their sins equally.