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We need first to define the meaning of Premature death. Because no one dies before his time. That does not mean that every death is Natural. Those who are killed have died in their own time of death. Those who died as victims of a crime of killing, died in their own time of death. We differ with some Non-Muslims who claim that there is a Premature death which means as they claim, that a person who is killed has died before his time of death. They Think that the age which is for certain age group is the maturity for death. Anyone dies before that maturity age as they claim has died Prematurely. This is their own opinion which does not come along with what we read in Quran and Authentic Hadeeths. “Wa Ma Kana Le Nafsin An Tamouta Ella Bi ‘ithnillah Kitaaban Mo’ajjala” ( 3:145)– No one dies but only by permission of Allah, according to written time” 
The way of dying can be Natural, and can be a Crime, and can be any other way. Time is written by Allah on everyone from us. Prophet Yahya (AS) was killed by a tyrant of His time instigated by a bad woman from Bani Israeel. Allah knew that such crime will happen, but the knowledge of Allah about a Crime which is to take place does not mean that Allah has permitted the killing. Allah (SWT) informed the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and His Holy Progeny) that His grandson Hussain will be killed in Karbala. Also informed him that Ameerul Mo'mineen Ali (A.S.) will be killed by Ibne Muljim in Kufa. That does not mean that Allah has permitted the Crime at all. 

The general understanding of this verse is that things are generally created in pairs (for instance, positive and negative, matter and antimatter, light and dark, or male and female), and that one of the signs of Allah is that human beings marry and form a pair in order to become more whole than they would be individually.

However, it is not usually taken to mean that all human beings are specifically created with a soulmate or "pair" whom they marry in this world. Indeed, some people have more than one happy marriage in their lifetimes; others are miserable in their marriages!

Marriage can be destined and can be a matter of free choice; matters of destiny are not usually clear. Some people misuse the idea of destiny and marriage to cover up socially unjust practices (for instance, not allowing their children to marry someone of a certain race, culture, family, or profession) and then saying these restrictions are "destiny". At the same time, it does seem that sometimes some people are destined to be together or destined not to be together. 

However if you are happy with your husband, I hope you will be able to be together in the Hereafter!

Our existence itself is a great bounty from Allah who created us, out of His Mercy and Grace on us. He created us after we were nothing ( Has here not been over man a time, when he was not a thing worth mentioning?) (Sura 76, Verse 1).

He provided us not only with life but also with all what require to live a decent life e.g. He gifted us with the intellect and reason and ability to listen, see, and distinguish good from bad. He gifted us will all sense which make us enjoy our life and be away from danger. He showed us the best way to live our life with harmony and peace between ourselves and our desires and wishes, and between ourselves and our Creator, and between ourselves and the Universe.

What ever bounty we have is from Him, and what ever suffering we may have is from ourselves.(Whatever good reaches you is from Allah, and whatever bad comes to ou is from yourself). (Sura 4, Verse 79).

He guided us to live in the best way away from evil and sinful desires. Those who follow the way of Allah (SWT) enjoy life in the best way as that achieve the Peace of Mind and Tranquility which is lost in he life of millions who are away from Allah.

We are unable to thank Him enough but when we try to thank Allah for His countless bounties, we feel the taste of life and feel more peace in our hearts.


Allah guides every one who wants to be guided, and when Allah guides some one, no one will be able to misguide him.

Those who reject and insist on rejecting the truth, will leave them to themselves with out guidance from Allah, because they insisted on rejecting. This is the meaning of misguiding. Allah does not misguide any one, but leaves the tyrant sinners with out guiding as they have insisted on rejecting His guidance, and that situation of leaving them to themselves is called misguiding. It means leaving them to what they wanted , with out guidance of Allah.

Such tyrant sinners will never be guided unless they change their minds and selves.