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By making us in pairs, the Qur'an is saying that we are pair-able, not that we are specifically created for one other person. 

Some people marry many times, some marry none, the Prophet had quite a few wives, so it isn't appropriate to say there is a single pair that is written.

Predestination and free will is a blurry area. Perhaps sometimes marriage is predestined and sometimes it isn't.

In any case, it is wrong to say that it is wholly written because there is at least the appearance of free will when we choose to marry someone or not to marry someone.

Sometimes the argument that marriage is predestined is used to justify other wrongs such as cultural taboos on marriage or wrong reasons for rejecting someone.

Also, our understanding of destiny is that there are two types of destiny, things that are absolutely fixed and things that are changeable. So even if we are destined to marry someone, we don't know for sure whether this is fixed or changeable. Allah, as the all-powerful, has the option to change destiny in any way. Prayer is said to change destiny. 

Plus it is always good manners to pray to Allah and acknowledge Allah as the source of all things.

So it is always good to pray! 


Predestined matters are things which human beings have no option at all in it e.g. your parents, your place of birth, your skin color, your height etc. 

Marriage is not predestined because it must have your own option and approval not be valid. Man and woman choose and decide whom they marry and accordingly they meet the results of their own decision.

You can pray to Allah (SWT) to make a specific person good for being your spouse. Allah (SWT) knows everything including the unseen and the future, and He grants whatever is good according to the reality and not necessarily as we think and imagine. Many things we wish and seek from Allah, can be harmful in the future, that is we should always submit to the Will, Wisdom and Mercy of Allah in seeking from Him. We should seek from Him to grant us whatever He knows good for us, not what we think good.


We need first to define the meaning of Premature death. Because no one dies before his time. That does not mean that every death is Natural. Those who are killed have died in their own time of death. Those who died as victims of a crime of killing, died in their own time of death. We differ with some Non-Muslims who claim that there is a Premature death which means as they claim, that a person who is killed has died before his time of death. They Think that the age which is for certain age group is the maturity for death. Anyone dies before that maturity age as they claim has died Prematurely. This is their own opinion which does not come along with what we read in Quran and Authentic Hadeeths. “Wa Ma Kana Le Nafsin An Tamouta Ella Bi ‘ithnillah Kitaaban Mo’ajjala” ( 3:145)– No one dies but only by permission of Allah, according to written time” 
The way of dying can be Natural, and can be a Crime, and can be any other way. Time is written by Allah on everyone from us. Prophet Yahya (AS) was killed by a tyrant of His time instigated by a bad woman from Bani Israeel. Allah knew that such crime will happen, but the knowledge of Allah about a Crime which is to take place does not mean that Allah has permitted the killing. Allah (SWT) informed the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and His Holy Progeny) that His grandson Hussain will be killed in Karbala. Also informed him that Ameerul Mo'mineen Ali (A.S.) will be killed by Ibne Muljim in Kufa. That does not mean that Allah has permitted the Crime at all. 

The general understanding of this verse is that things are generally created in pairs (for instance, positive and negative, matter and antimatter, light and dark, or male and female), and that one of the signs of Allah is that human beings marry and form a pair in order to become more whole than they would be individually.

However, it is not usually taken to mean that all human beings are specifically created with a soulmate or "pair" whom they marry in this world. Indeed, some people have more than one happy marriage in their lifetimes; others are miserable in their marriages!

Marriage can be destined and can be a matter of free choice; matters of destiny are not usually clear. Some people misuse the idea of destiny and marriage to cover up socially unjust practices (for instance, not allowing their children to marry someone of a certain race, culture, family, or profession) and then saying these restrictions are "destiny". At the same time, it does seem that sometimes some people are destined to be together or destined not to be together. 

However if you are happy with your husband, I hope you will be able to be together in the Hereafter!