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It is not obligatory on non Baligh child to seek forgiveness for acts committed by him during his childhood. It is good to seek forgiveness from them if you can. It is also good to pray to Allah to forgive you and them as well.


You need to seek forgiveness and pardon from them. If you are unable to do that then seek forgiveness from Allah to forgive you and them and keep praying for them.


Bismihi ta'ala

Although you might have been young, but you must have known that talking ill about someone is a bad thing. If this person is still alive, and you do see him, greet him, and just say 'forgive me if I have wronged you', without going into details. 

I am sure he wont comment on anything, and answer in a positive way, and your conscience will be clear, in shaa Allah.

With prayers for your success. 

Rules of Gheebat are same but if the matter is related to your children or any one who is under your responsibility, you can discuss the matter to avoid them harm or risk.