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Sayid Husain Jafri, in his Origins and Development of Early Shi'a Islam, highlights some of the key narrations about Abu Bakr that are mentioned frequently in Sunni circles. Jafri points out that these particular narrations all go back to 'A'isha, who was obviously supporting her father. I can recommend that you get Jafri's book, as he does some good hadith analysis.

There are many narrations which were fabricated for political reasons. We care only for the authentic narrations which came through authentic chain of narrators from the Prophet (SAWA). You may refer to some Sunni books of 'Elm al-Hadeeth ( knowledge of Hadeeth) to see hundreds of narrations which were fabricated in praise of well known rulers.


Praising God is not for His benefit, but completely for our benefit. We need to always remember that all praise is due to Allah and we need to avoid thinking wrongly to praise any one away from Allah. No bounty but from Allah, so no Praise but to Allah. Prophets and Infallible Imams are praised because they are the most humble servants of Allah, and all Praise is due to Him, so His sincere servants are raised out of His Praise.

Praising Allah (SWT) makes us appreciate the bounties and feel its taste and utilize it in the proper way. Praising Allah (SWT) for His bounties on us makes the bounties remain and increase.

Praising Allah (SWT) makes us humble and avoids us self admiring and misunderstanding ourselves. Praising our Creator makes us think and behave in a realistic way keeping in mind the origin of every good; Allah (SWT).

Praising God in ts real sense makes our life based on the Truth and the noble values.



Thank you for your question. God is needless of our worship, however, in order to reach proximity and intimacy with Him, we need to worship and praise Him. The reward is for us and not because He needs worship. It is like rewarding a child for practicing to read fluently. You can read and do not need him to read. But for the sake of his or her goodness you encourage them to read and reward them when they do.

May you always be successful