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If the deceased was not an enemy of Allah, you can pray to Allah to bestow His Mercy on those who are entitled. We also need to pray that when we die, we die with perfect faith and piousness.


No. There is a big difference between these two situations. Receiving interest from non Muslims as part of their practice, does not mean that you can invest your money in the bank as a share holder. Muslim is not allowed to buy shares of any company indulged in unlawful (Haraam) business.


Bismihi ta'ala

There would be no shar'i problem with this, as long as it does not entail anything haram in the process. 

And Allah knows best. 

Bismihi ta'ala

At first glance, if you are to selectively read certain passages in the holy Quran, or in the Bible or any other scripture, you might see it to be violent, offensive, or maybe even unethical. 

Of course, this is an unfair assessment, especially when there is a strong emphasis on the necessity of understanding the sequence of historical events that, for example, surrounded that verse, or to look at the other verses that speak exactly the opposite of what you just read. 

There are important tools that must be used when reciting the Quran, and one of them is called Tafseer. This is the exegesis and commentary that explains the background story to the verse, or the event, and gives an overall explanation to what the text refers to. 

I would advice you to see what our tafseer books say about this particular verse, and also what mainstream Islamic scholars say as well.

If you have time, please watch my lecture I delivered a few years ago on this topic: