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Poetry was the main way to register important events at that time. Hassaan bin Thabit made and recited his poetry on the occasion of Ghsdeer stating that the Prophet announced on the Day of Ghadeer at Khum that for whom I am the master, Ali is his master يناديهمُ يوم الغدير نبيهم.   بخُمٍّ وأسمِع بالنبي مناديا 

فمن كنت مولاه فهذا وليُّهُ.   فكونوا لهُ أتباع صِدقٍ مواليا

This poetry has been registered in the history being from an eye witness and it has been mentioned in Sunni and Shia books of history and faith.

It puts big question in front of every Muslim: What did you do after this prophetic announcement? Did you follow Imam Ali as the Prophet ordered? Or you followed others?


The status of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his Holy Progeny is higher than the status of Ka'bah and any one and any thing created by Allah (SAWA). The Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) is the best and the highest among the creatures of Allah (SWT). His holy Progeny are from him and their status is from his highest status.


Listening to any type of music which is usually used by the sinners is not permissible. If the music is not usually used by the sinners e.g. military music, funerary music, etc, then it will be permissible according to many of our scholars.


If the person who is posting such material claims falsely that the material is his material, it will a lie and a sinful act.

If he does not claim any wrong claim but he is just posting a material for the benefit of people, with out harming any one, then it is allowed to spread useful knowledge which helps people and does not cause harm to any one.