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Yes. It is one of the best Du'a s in Qunoot. I have seen a big Marja' of Taqleed in Najaf Ashraf who used recite this Du'a in the Qunoot of every prayer.


Qunoot is highly recommended in Prayers but not obligatory in any Salah.



Thank you for your question. There is no requirement for the hands to be together.

May you always be successful

We can pray for non Muslim parents, relatives and friends who are still alive, to Allah (SWT) to guide them to The Right Path and enlighten their hearts and minds with the light of the Truth.

For those who passed away as non Muslims, we can pray to Allah (SWT) to deal with them with His Mercy.

We are not allowed to seek forgiveness for those who insisted and died on Shirk (polytheism) as we read in Quran, Sura Tawbah, verse 113: It is not proper for the Prophet and the believers to seek forgiveness for the Mushriks, even though they be of kin.