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The Marja' of Taqleed does not come through election, selection nor appointment. He reaches to this status of knowledge by his own hard work and dedication and sincerity with the help of Allah (SWT). The scholars in the Hawza are the responsible persons to identify and recognize the level of knowledge of the Mujtahid scholar and whether he is entitled to be Marja' or not. Such high level of scholars give witness that this Mujtahid is a Marje' then people can do his Taqleed.



Thank you for your question. The reason for different rulings despite shared sources is because of intricate differences in the methodology of deriving and applying those rulings. These positions are taken by Jurists over years of careful study as their implication is that rulings will be different. To understand this further a person will have to study the principles of jurisprudence as well as have an awareness of the modern discussions in fiqh.

It is possible to follow the rulings of more than one Marja if they are all at the same level and if there is no possibility of identifying the most learned Jurist among them.

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No, they do not need to repeat them.

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The concept of taqleed is indeed something important to look into, and although it sounds complex it is pretty straight forward. 

1. Read about this topic from reliable sources, and educate yourself about the basics of taqleed.

2. Consult with a reputable qualified scholar about the selecting of a Marja'.

3. It should not take more than a few minutes for you to make the intention and follow the correct criteria for following a Marja' taqleed.

4. Do not complicate things by politicising your choice, or being influenced by hearsay, or looking for an "easy" Marja'.

5. Stick with mainstream, and do not be diverted to other ways.