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Insan has been understood to refer to all human beings, or only Adam, but it does not change the meaning significantly. It seems most appropriate to understand it as referring to all human beings.

This ayah is understood to be a rhetorical question, along the lines of, "Was there ever any time when man was such an insignificant thing that he was not worthy of being mentioned?"

Here are 3 ways it has been understood:

(a) This could be after the process of creation of the human being had begun but before human beings had populated the earth.

This idea is supported by a narration from Imam al-Sadiq (A) that it refers to 'when he was created, but unworthy of mention'.

It is also narrated from Imam al-Baqir (A) that this verse means that 'the human being was mentioned in Allah's knowledge, but not in His creation'. That is, the human being had been decreed to exist, but did not exist yet on earth.

(b) Some exegetes also say this could be before the human was created at all. (The human only existed in the divine decree and knowledge, so the human was "mentioned" by God but not by anyone else.)

(c) It has also been understood to mean, "Was there ever any time when God was ignorant of the human being?" The answer to that is no, since God had knowledge of what He would create.

All of the meanings can work together too since the point is to emphasize the smallness of the human being compared to the divine, which is a theme that continues in the next ayah.

Drawing an incomplete human figure is allowed.

Adding a head with out eyes, nose and mouth is also allowed.


In addition to the answer previously given, another thing to consider is that although the Qur'an references certain events in the Prophet's time, it speaks in a universal manner that is accessible to any reader, regardless of their society or era. It is very difficult for a human author, especially one who is not from an area with diversity and a high level of education available, to do this.

Also, when you consider the way that the Qur'anic texts unfolds, the style of speech is not the same that a human would use when organising a book; for instance, the conception of time is more overarching, as it would be from the divine perspective. 

Some people also consider the presence of scientific or numerical miracles to be convincing evidence. 

Ultimately this is something one can also look at the text and get a sense of!

Islam is The real Message from Allah to guide all human beings. This fact is clear for every one who studies Quran and the sayings of the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt.

Quran has challenged all the enemies of Islam who doubt the authenticity of Quran being from Allah or from a human, to bring a book like Quran with the help of their supporters from Jinns and humans. They failed to bring any book like Quran. Quran then challenged them to bring ten chapters like any if the 114 chapters of Quran. They failed again. Then Quran challenged them to bring just one chapter like any Quranic chapters. They failed as well. This is a living evidence that Quran can never be written by a human.