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Some scholars have rejected the idea of the theory of evolution as being against the Qur'anic teaching of the creation of the human being, whereas others have accepted it as being compatible with the Qur'an and as being Allah's plan for the human being and how to engage in creation.

It seems that there is some generational factor here - the older generation tended to reject it more, perhaps because they saw the theory of evolution as being associated with colonialism or secularization, and as an attack on traditional Muslim values. This is less of a factor in today's globalized world. 

At the same time, the theory of evolution is only a theory and cannot necessarily be said to be true either. It is simply considered an acceptble possibility, pending further evidence, by some scholars. 

The idea that life originated from water is supported by the Qur'an. 

One could somewhat nebulously suggest that the idea of "nasnas", or prior types of humanoids, which appears in hadith, could also support the idea of evolution, although in my view this may be a stretch in interpreting the hadith. 

There is a paper on Shi'i scholars' responses to evolution in the conference proceedings for this conference, if you are interested in reading it.



Thank you for your question. Evolution of the human race and other species doesn't contradict our belief in Prophet Adam (as), as it is a development of the physical body according to factors in nature. However, if by evolution you mean evolution across species like from a monkey to human, such a transition is not established, even if it has been theoretically purported and as such doesn't present a challenge to the traditional understanding of Adam being endowed with a human body, as it remains on the level of theory without complete evidence.

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The claim of Darwin in evolution is not correct. Many scientists refuted his claim and written books proving his claim to be not authentic and not scientifically established.

Allah (SWT) mentioned in Quran how first human being (Adam) was created from clay and granted spirit from Allah then immediately existed in this life.

There is no question of evolution of man from other animals.

The Prophetic Hadeeth says: Allah has created Adam on the existing shape of human beings.


The Quranic verses about the creation of Adam (AS), the great grand father of all human beings are very clear that Allah (SW) has created Adam from clay and told him: Be, and he became a human being.(Sura 3, Verse 59)

No question at all of human beings being from apes as Darwinism claims.

The Darwinism claimed things which are being increasingly doubted and rejected by many scientists.

Quran and authentic Hadeeths are very clear that Allah (SWT) created Adam from clay as human being and not from any other animal.