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If he needs to take necessary medicine during the day, then his fast will be invalid and he must keep it later as Qadha.


Islamic rules forbidding seeing or touching other gender (Non Mahram) are very clear but exceptions come if there is a real necessity to save life. Necessity must be assessed and the exception should meet no more than the necessity. Any act more than the real necessity is not permissible.


As far as I know in the UK the hijama training centres are run by Sunnis. I know a Shi'i person that studied and is certified as a practitioner through one of these clinics.  There are hijama clinics in Iran, e.g. Tehran and Qom. The interest in natural medicine and tibb is rising in Iran. If you are based in the West there should be at least one hijama practitioner in a city near you. If you prefer something that is specifically established through the Shi'i tradition, this is a link to an article compiled by several practitioners. Their contact details are on the article:

There are many institutions of medical sciences according to Islamic traditions. You can find them in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and India.

You may contact whom you know in any of these cities to get you details.