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According the verdict of Ayatullah Sistani and many other great scholars, it is permissible to touch the translation of the meanings of Quran in any language except the name of Allah in any language.


Some Muslims pray but with out understanding the message of Prayers and don't obey the Prophet (SAWA), like the Kharijites of that time and ISIS of today.

Real Prayer which purifies us is performed with humble obedience of Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (SAWA) and Ahlul Bayt (AS).


Bismihi ta'ala

Yes, it is permissible to keep on wearing an amulet, talisman, stone, etc. If the verses, Divine Names, or names of Ma'sumeen (a.s.) appear on the outside, then you should avoid touching it. Or, you are able to laminate it, or cover it with clear coloured nail polish, to avoid accidentally touching it. 

Yes, you can also read more than seven verses. the only verses you must not read are the verses that have a wajib sajdah. 

These verses are in Surah Fussilat, Najm, Sajdah and 'Alaq. 

And Allah knows best.

If you want to recite Quran as Tilawah تلاوة our Tarteel ترتيل as Allah says in Quran : ورتِّل القران ترتيلا you must recite with your tongue and lips. Even if you want to recite Quran as Qira'ah قراءة as Allah says فاقرؤا ما تيسر من القران٬which is less degree than Tilawah, you need to use your tongue and lips. If you just look at the Quranic text with out using your tongue and lips, it will not be called reciting (Neither Tilawah nor Qira'ah) but just looking at the Quranic text, which is also good but it is lower than both degrees of reciting.

Du'a can be recited in any way as far as your heart is supplicating to Allah (SWT) and not just looking at the text.