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Bismihi ta'ala

Knowledge precedes everything, especially if it is Ilahi knowledge, studying about your religion and learning the 'Ulum of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.). 

Studying Hawzah is free of charge, and if for whatever reason a certain institute that offers Hawzah studies charge a fee, they are usually a bare minimum which any person would generally be able to pay.

Should your plan be to travel to Qom or Najaf to study Hawzah, you will only need to pay for the air ticket, and basic expenses to establish yourself there. The Hawzah will then give you some monthly wages. 

This could eat into your budget you have allocated for marriage, but if you have become acquainted with Islam, you will know that the process of getting married should also be cheap and reasonable. By avoiding excessive things, you will also be able to get happily married.

Therefore, I do not see any of the two to be an obstacle, or affect the other, as long as you are making the correct choices. You do not have to choose one over the other, but rather pursue both at once.

With your tawakkul on Allah ta'ala, and sincere intentions, and dua, you will successfully accomplish both, in shaa Allah.

With prayers for your success.

Fear of death is mainly caused by misunderstanding death and its consequences or because of fearing the bad results of sinful acts.

Death is a definite stage in the life of every human being and it does not mean a disaster but a transfer from a stage of life to another stage in which good people will enjoy the great reward and Mercy of Allah, while bad people will meet the results of their own deeds.

Believing in The Mercy of Allah should make us hope to get from His Mercy whether we are alive in this world or after this world.

Death is the start of the happy life of the believer as well as the start of punishment of the enemies of Allah.

Always trust and hope to get from Allah's Mercy and repeat: YA ARHAMARRAHIMEEN. Repeating Salawaat and Estighfaar is also very useful in getting peace of mind.

 Wassalam .

Bismihi ta'ala

This is a very important question, and relevant to all of us, as we all somehow socially interact with others. In today's society, the boundaries of non-mahram interaction are also weaker than before, which makes it even more challenging for us Muslims. 

Please watch this presentation I gave in the holy month on this very topic, with detail explanation. It starts from the 1:38 hour mark:

Repeating Estighfaar, Salawaat, Ya Arham Arrahimeen, Ayatul Kursi, Sura Al-Hamd and Sura Tawheed.