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Umrah is a very important worship which can be performed during any month in the year, not like Hajj which has its special time in the month of Thil Hijjah. Umrah Mofradah includes Tawaaf around the Ka'ba and Sa'ee between Safa and Marwah which was performed by all the Prophets and Unfallible Imams.

Umrah Mofradah has been mentioned in authentic Hadeeths and reward of it is the forgiveness of all the sins.


When you are able to perform Hajj, then it becomes compulsory on you to perform Hajj with out any delay even if you have not been to Umrah. In fact Hajj consists of two parts, the first is Umra Tamattu' and the second is Hajj Tamattu'.



It is not necessary for a man to bare his right shoulder during Tawaf. This is usually done by some Muslims who do not follow Ahlul Bayt (AS).

In state of Ehraam, it is necessary for man to avoid wearing any stitched cloth as it is forbidden on men during the state of Ehraam to wear any stitched cloth.