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There is no doubt at all that Jesus Christ was not killed nor crucified  but his enemy caught another person who was looking like him. The Quranic verse is very clear ( They never killed him nor crucified him but they did that on another person whom they thought him Easa) (4;157).

This fact is mentioned also many old Christian texts like Luke 4: 29-30 and John  8: 59 and 10: 93 and Acts 1:11 and Matthew 4:6.

An old Jude bible found in Egypt in Coptic  language and translated to English, it states that Jesus told his near disciples: for you will sacrifice the man that clothes me.


According to Islamic theology, every being that is not Allah is a created being that is not eternal or infinitely pre-existing. This includes angels and spirits and other non-visible or non-human beings. In fact, in this regard, one can say it is the main difference between Islamic and Christian theology.

According to Shi'i theology, there is a phase of existence that was "before" the material world (for instance, where the light of the Prophet (S) was created), however that phase was also created and everyone and everything in it was also created.

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The evidence of the prophet hood of Muhammad (SAWA) are too many but Quran and Ahlul Bayt (AS) are the greatest evidence. Any human being who uses his senses will see when reading Quran and the sayings of Ahlul Bayt (AS) that it is miraculous and it can never come from any human being with out link with or support from Allah.

The prophet hood of Jesus (AS) was proven by many miracles which can never be denied by sensible human being. Some people have enmity against Jesus and his mother which is the reason of denying his prophet hood.


Prophet Easa (Jesus) (AS) was raised by Allah (SWT) when his enemies tried to kill him, and he is living in the sky since then. We have in the books that he is worshiping Allah in the second sky with the angles.

He will come back to this earth with Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) and will be one of his supporters and will pray behind him.