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Yes you can. Using any application for counting or reading Quranic verses or chapters or Du'a from your mobile phone during prayer is permissible.


Alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question. There is no problem with using the tasbih app on your phone to count

May you always be successful 



Wearing a tasbih around your neck is permissible 

May Allah grant you success 

Don't overthink it - just do it - the whole idea behind it is that Allah is guiding you and you are not controlling the action yourself. Allah is merciful and will not deprive anyone of divine guidance due to details. 

Usually people have in mind which direction they will be counting and then do it, for instance if I am holding it with the main bead to the left, I have the intention I am counting that way before I proceed. 

Maybe someone here can post a video on YouTube or link to one (hint).