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Allah never wants any one to do wrong, on the contrary, He showed every one the right way and the wrong way and ordered and encouraged to do good and avoid bad. Allah granted human beings the intellect and the option to do whatever they decide to do and He never forced any one to do good or bad.

Wrong doers do wrong out of their own option and decision. Allah never wants wrong. He orders us to do good and He helps every one who to do good.


Allah's love to us does not need to be proven after He created us from nothing and granted us life and all bounties of life. Allah (SWT) gave human beings the option and ability to be good or otherwise. Allah does not force us to be good nor to be bad but He helps us if we want to do good and leaves us if we want to do bad. Those who do bad and oppress others will face the result of their deeds while the oppressed will be compensated by Allah for their sufferings.



Thank you for your question. The existence of magic is attested to in the Qur'an in the stories of Prophet Sulayman (as) (2:102) and Musa (as) (7:113 onwards for example). A definition of magic to separate it from other less well known sciences is "the use of najasat and demons to fulfill an outcome". Such practices do exist and can have an affect on people.

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Shedding tears during Salah does not invalidate the Salah if it was not for a worldly matter.