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Sura Al-Fatiha, Sura Yaseen, Sura Al-Mulk, Sura Arrahman and any Quranic Sura beside Sadaqa and Du'a for forgiveness.


Allah (SWT) never gives pain to any one to make him suicidal, but He grants continuous bounties and orders Justice and fairness. Remembering Allah (SWT) is the origin and the source of peace of mind.  People suffer when they go away from the justice, fairness and neglect remembering Allah. Sufferings of people is the result of their own bad deeds.
Suicide is a major sin because it come as a result losing hope in Allah's mercy as well as sinful killing. Mercy of Allah is greater than any problem, and no problems whatsoever gig or complicated can be bigger than Mercy of Allah.


Bismihi ta'ala

It is indeed very sad to hear that your late son took his life. May Allah ta'ala grant him ease in the Next life. Most important for you is not to ponder on why and how, but more on what you are able to do to contribute to helping others around you to avoid repetition of such an incident. 

You experienced this, so you are able to help those around you and the community to bring about awareness. Take this unfortunate incident and use it for positive use. This will not only keep you occupied from having negative thoughts, or, God forbid, falling into depression, or losing hope in your life as well. 

You should try to do righteous deeds and grant its reward to your late son. Do charity work on his behalf, and try to let others remember the good things about him, so they can be insired and learn from all of this.  

Another thing that would be important to do is reach out to a qualified counselor who can give you professional tips to deal with such loss and overcome this difficulty.

With prayers for your success. 


Suicide is a major sin. Believers in Allah (SWT) never think about committing suicide under any circumstance. No matter how big your difficulties are, you must keep hoping the mercy of Allah (SWT).

The Mercy of Allah is greater than any difficulty.

You should always seek the help of Allah (SWT) and keep taking His name YA RAMAAN YA RAHEEM