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Every one is allowed to give charity from his own earned income with out permission from his father or mother etc as far as his father and Munther are not in need for that charity money for their own livelihood expenses.


If your father gives you the pocket money as a gift for you with out any condition, you can then spend it as you wish in lawful expenditure or save it or invest it. No one will have then right on that money or ask you to return it. If your father gives you pocket money for spending and not for saving or investing, then he has right to ask you to use it for your expenses only and return the amounts which were not used in your expenses.

Most of parents give their children pocket money with out condition.


Bismihi ta'ala

I would not recommend at all that it gets to such a stage where your father has to "force" you to give him a percentage of your income. You should be honoured and more than obliged to give your father what you are able to.

In Islamic law, nafaqah on your father is wajib. Your parents who gave you life, nurtured you, accommodated for you and educated you, the least you can do is give back to them a portion of what you have. 

Yes, you need to make your own financial plans, and plan for your future, as that is also important. You might be reluctant to give to your father if he has an addiction, like gambling or something else that is haram. In these kind of circumstances, you can financially contribute to his life, but not by giving cash. 

But if this is not the case, then maybe your father is financially struggling, or saving  money for you, or teaching you loyalty to parents by giving away what we love the most: "money". 

Give to your parents, and you will immediately see the showing of blessings and fortunes onto you. This is what Islam guarantees. 

With prayers for your success.

Bismihi ta'ala

Loyalty and honouring one's word is the most valuable and most important of qualities a person can have. If your commitment to your word is weak, or you have no consideration to honouring your promise, what else is there? 

Both the female, and the male as well have a commitment to stay loyal and honour their agreement. Betraying this, and violating the promise or contract given is not only a major sin, but could also weaken the very relationship in the case they wish to pursue for marriage. It will always be hovering over them that they betrayed the amanah given to them. 

Yes, they can do what they are comfortable with, but stay within the permitter of the agreement.

If what you mean by "physical contact", as in no sexual intercourse, then they can have physical intimacy, but no penetration. This is a common condition fathers place, so this is left for consummation of marriage on wedding night. 

If what you mean by "physical contact" is no physical contact whatsoever, then I think this was an unfair condition, and they should speak to her father and explain that this is unrealistic. Or, they can decide if marriage is the best option for them, and hasten that. If, of course, they find each other to be compatible and happy with marriage. 

In any case, violating an agreement, especially if it is a condition in the contract is haram and sinful. 

Best thing to do is negotiate for a change. 

With prayers for your success.