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Allah (SWT) appointed all the prophets and all their successors. Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) informed about the names of his twelve successors (AS). Jaabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansaari, the pious companion of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) was among those who were been informed about the names of the twelve Imams after the Prophet (SAWA). 

 Infallible Imam informs some of his most trusted followers about the Imam after him, and that also depends on the situation. Appointment is from Allah (SWT) and informing is from the Imam (AS) about his successor.


Bismihi ta'ala

Yes, it is permissible to keep on wearing an amulet, talisman, stone, etc. If the verses, Divine Names, or names of Ma'sumeen (a.s.) appear on the outside, then you should avoid touching it. Or, you are able to laminate it, or cover it with clear coloured nail polish, to avoid accidentally touching it. 

Yes, you can also read more than seven verses. the only verses you must not read are the verses that have a wajib sajdah. 

These verses are in Surah Fussilat, Najm, Sajdah and 'Alaq. 

And Allah knows best.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) was asked when he recited this verse on the Muslims: Is it ordering us to do good to our kin or your kin? He replied: My kin; Ali, Fatima, and their sons. (Al-Haakim al-Hasakaani in Shawaahid al-Tanzeel , V. 2, P. 189) and Tafseer al-Qurtubi, V.3, P. 2.) . These are among Sunni references and among Shia references you can refer to Al-Kaafi 1:413.

We take the meanings of Quran from the Prophet (SAWA) as we were been ordered by Allah (SWT).


The meaning of this verse is not accurately translated by by many of non Arabic  translators. Amaanah in Arabic is not always Trust but it has other meanings as well including The Responsibility, The obligatory, The Liability etc.

The meaning of Amaanah in this verse has been mentioned in many Hadeeths from Ahlul Bayt (AS) as The responsibility to follow the orders of Allah and His Messenger and his successors 'Ahlul Bayt' which is result of having perfect 'Aql (intellect) which is only with the human beings. That is why the heavens and the earth and the mountains could not carry it because they are unable to carry it and they were apprehensive of it. They did not refuse it in a sinful refusal like the refusal of Satan to prostrate to Adam, but they were unable to carry because they did not have the intellect to fulfill its responsibilities.