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According to our leading scholars, the answer to your question is: Yes.


If your intention was to give Sadaqa for the poor and needy, then you have to give it to a poor or needy after being sure that they are poor and needy. Many of those who beg on the streets are not needy, so giving hem will not fulfill your responsibility to give to the poor.

If your intention was to give Sadaqa for any good cause, then you can give it to orphanage, Masjid, Imambargah or any good cause including poor and needy.


Yes, all Bani Hashim are not allowed to accept obligatory Zakat from any one who is not from Bani Hashm.


as salam alaikum

there is no relation between a Sayyid girl marrying a non-Sayyid man and the sadaqah that is not allowed on Sayyids. So it doesn't make any difference that a Sayyid girl is from the progeny of Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family, in this regard. In Islam, Muslims are encouraged to marry a pious and religious people, committed to the Din in order to please Allah Almighty, be they Sayyids or not.

With prayers for your success.