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In Shi'i fiqh, it is ok for women to travel without a mahram.

In Sunni fiqh, there is some variety of opinion, so if any of you are following the rullings of Sunni schools of thought, you should discuss your plans with an expert or look into the different views.

If you go on your trip, have fun and be careful!

Late Sheikh Yusuf Sane'ee and Sheikh Muhammad Is'haaq Fayyaz believe in 13 unless other signs of puberty appear before that, and also Sheikh Ibrahim Jannaati believes in the start of her menses as the sign of her puberty.

Bismihi ta'ala

The statement "emotionally unstable" is very broad, and so it could be difficult to say whether it needs to be disclosed prior to a marriage proposal or not. 

If she has a chronic illness that would affect her spousal relationship, and impede in what people would see to be a healthy marriage, then it is best for her to be upfront about everything so she is not left with a broken heart or an early divorce. 

In general, it is always better to be direct and clear about one's mental state of being, and to mention what would be for or against them. 

Everyone is entitled to get married, even if they have certain challenges they are facing, and of course she can get married if she is emotionally unstable, but honesty is always going to work to everyone's advantage. 

Hopefully, with therapy and support of her family and loved ones she can overcome these emotional difficulties, and maybe marriage will secure her mental stability, in shaa Allah.

With prayers for your success. 

Bismihi ta'ala

Loyalty and honouring one's word is the most valuable and most important of qualities a person can have. If your commitment to your word is weak, or you have no consideration to honouring your promise, what else is there? 

Both the female, and the male as well have a commitment to stay loyal and honour their agreement. Betraying this, and violating the promise or contract given is not only a major sin, but could also weaken the very relationship in the case they wish to pursue for marriage. It will always be hovering over them that they betrayed the amanah given to them. 

Yes, they can do what they are comfortable with, but stay within the permitter of the agreement.

If what you mean by "physical contact", as in no sexual intercourse, then they can have physical intimacy, but no penetration. This is a common condition fathers place, so this is left for consummation of marriage on wedding night. 

If what you mean by "physical contact" is no physical contact whatsoever, then I think this was an unfair condition, and they should speak to her father and explain that this is unrealistic. Or, they can decide if marriage is the best option for them, and hasten that. If, of course, they find each other to be compatible and happy with marriage. 

In any case, violating an agreement, especially if it is a condition in the contract is haram and sinful. 

Best thing to do is negotiate for a change. 

With prayers for your success.