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I can't quite figure out the Arabic text of these quotations in English, in order to discuss them, so it would be helpful if you could write the exact texts in Arabic, or give a reference.

The closest narrations that come to mind are:
* It is narrated that the best form of ibadah is love for the Ahl al-Bayt (A). 
* There is a narration in the Sunni books that a man who is bodily injured by someone (such as in a fight) and forgives that has offered a form of charity to the person who injured him. 

Anyway, there are a lot of hadith attributed to the Prophet (S) saying "the best form of worship is..." and "the best form of charity is...", and sometimes different things are mentioned.

From this, one gets the sense that the intent behind the text is often to say that "this is a good thing to do" and encourage people to do it, not that there is a hierarchy of different types of charity or worship, and only one of them is at the top.

(Except in a case where the text is very clear that this is the absolute best thing to do and specifies that it really is meant to be better than anything else.) 

Of course, there are many hadith encouraging charity (whether it be material assistance, or other forms of generosity such as kindness or assistance), forgiveness, and love (apart from love towards the vicious or enemies of God). 

(Note that someone else may recognize what texts are being discussed here and have a better answer!)

This requires a special understanding and cognition of the reality and continuous presence and grace of God in our lives and the nature of our connection with Him as well as our utter dependence on Him.

You may find useful to watch this recently concluded series of lectures by Sh. Javad Shomali.


Thank you for your question. Satan will try anything. There was a story of a mystic where Satan came to him at prayer time and tell him to pray just so that a he may be confused into obeying him. The mystic said I am praying but not because you told me and continued his worship. The best way to deal with Satan is to ignore your doubts and to be sure of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

May you always be successful 

It is not the way of real worship to force it on people. Worship is a link between Human beings and their Creator Allah (SWT) and it must be performed with sincere will and intention for the sake of Allah. Forced worship done to please some one else other than Allah is not valid.